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Städel App: Everything on the Highlights from the Deutsche Bank Collection in the New Städel Museum


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Städel App: Everything on the Highlights from the
Deutsche Bank Collection in the New Städel Museum

It’s one of the most accomplished museum buildings of the past several years. The Garden Halls of the Städel Museum in Frankfurt are impressive even beyond their successful architecture. Just as spectacular as the building itself is the panorama of contemporary art presented there, including highlights from the Deutsche Bank Collection. They’re part of a group of 600 works from the corporate collection that have been given over to the Städel on permanent loan. Around 60 of these high-profile works can now be seen at the touch of a finger on the iPhone—for instance Sigmar Polke’s painting Drehung (1979), an ironic play on the post-war economic wonder aesthetic, and Rosemarie Trockel’s minimalistic knitted work Who will be in in ’99 (1988). Or important works that investigate German history, such as Neo Rauch’s enigmatic painting Stern (2001) and Anselm Kiefer’s monumental woodcut collage Wege der Weltweisheit: die Hermanns-Schlacht (1978). After the successful launch of the app on the art presentation in the Deutsche Bank Towers, the new Städel app also provides information on selected works of the corporate collection. Along with portraits of the artists, reproductions of their works, and descriptions of these, it also introduces Deutsche Bank’s global collection. Augmented by a share option for social networks, the app offers a unique insight into the works of the Deutsche Bank Collection in the new Städel.

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