Richard Artschwager

Exclusive: Richard Artschwager

"Back and Forth/Up and Down" - Richard Artschwager's exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim: From May 10 to July 6, 2003, the works of this important American artist can be seen in Berlin. Cheryl Kaplan visited the painter and sculptor in his New York apartment shortly before his eightieth birthday and interviewed him exclusively for

"Pretty Hot Stuff"

Everything you always wanted to know about Artschwager but were afraid to ask: for an entire afternoon, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf accompanied visitors to the Deutsche Guggenheim and talked to them about "blps," Formica sculptures, and drawings, and about the way Artschwager "unhinges" the everyday with his objects and paintings.

"No guarantee" - Insights into the Work of Richard Artschwager

"If you recognize something, you don't necessarily have to see it clearly," says Richard Artschwager. His sculptures, drawings, and paintings have always posed a challenge to the viewer. Silke Sommer provides us with insights into the artist's most important work groups and explains why we can't rely on anything here, and why everything is conceivable.

Double or Nothing: Some liked it Pop

The turbulent, insurgent undertones of Pop Art: it wasn't only the departure from Abstract Expressionism that proved to be controversial. Cheryl Kaplan on the hidden battles among factions of the American art scene of the sixties, the emergence of Conceptual Art, and the role Artschwager's headstrong ideas and works played throughout.

"Back and Forth/Up and Down" – the Richard Artschwager Special

"Back and Forth/Up and Down" is the title Richard Artschwager has given his current show at the Deutsche Guggenheim. His drawings, sculptures, paintings, and multiples can be seen in Berlin through July 6, 2003. Along with an exclusive interview Cheryl Kaplan conducted with the artist in his New York apartment, our current issue examines various different aspects of the multi-faceted work of one of the most important figures in American contemporary art. Critics have often described Artschwager's paintings and objects as "secretive" or "mysterious." Yet how does the public really react to his work? Oliver Koerner von Gustorf has had a look around the current exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim; together with visitors to the Berlin show, he's discovered some "pretty hot stuff." In response to some of the most frequently recurring questions concerning the artist's work, he's put together a collection of statements by Artschwager, art experts, and authors. +++ Is it Pop, or is it Minimalism? More than with almost any other artist, assessments of Richard Artschwager's oeuvre diverge widely: Cheryl Kaplan on the hidden battles among factions of the Pop Art movement, the emergence of Conceptual Art, and the role Artschwager's obstinate ideas and works have played throughout. +++ His art resembles a "game without boundaries," avers the art historian Silke Sommer. In her article "No Guarantee," she's traced how Artschwager has been breaking through conventions in art and seeing for the past forty years with an unerring lightness.