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>> Hilla von Rebay at Deutsche Guggenheim / Anton Stankowski in Stuttgart

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Markus Schinwald, like his "date" Oskar Schlemmer, is interested in an interdisciplinary synthesis between art, dance, theater, and film. In the 16-part photographic work Diarios (to you), modernist architecture functions as a background for Schinwald’s mysterious figures. In many of his works, the Austrian artist plays with masks, disguises, and precisely choreographed body movements – an interest that he shares with the creator of the Triadic Ballet.

Whether it’s Marlene Dumas encountering Kara Walker or Kiki Smith encountering James Lee Byars, the show’s unusual combinations guarantee inspiring dialogues the viewer can further expand upon. Thus, Blind Date continues the tradition of 25 and Tokyo Blossoms, the anniversary exhibitions of the Deutsche Bank Collection. In both Berlin and Tokyo, there was a departure from a conventional chronological or purely art historical presentation.

Watercolours by Hans-Peter Feldmann in the prelacy

And in Seligenstadt, as well, the Deutsche Bank Collection shows itself to be an organically growing network of art consisting of individual works connected to one another through a multiplicity of references. Just how promising for the future this approach proves to be will be demonstrated by the exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin; scheduled for May of 2007, it will form another highlight of the Blind Date exhibition series. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the exhibition space at Unter den Linden, the joint venture between Deutsche Bank and the Guggenheim Foundation will be celebrated in a unique way. The year’s new acquisitions for the Deutsche Bank Collection will be juxtaposed with highlights from the Guggenheim Collection – a blind date arranged by Thomas Krens, the prominent director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

Opening Blind Date Seligenstadt: staircase of the prelacy

Blind Date Seligenstadt
May 14 – July 2 2006

Prelacy of the former Benedictine Abbey,
Klosterhof 2
Galerie Kunstforum im Alten Haus,
Frankfurter Straße 13
Opening Hours:
Wed. – Fri. / Sun. 11 am – 6 pm
Sat. 1 – 8 pm

The fourth issue of "Visuell" magazine will be published in conjunction with the exhibition Blind Date. All of the works in the show will be reproduced in the catalogue-magazine, accompanied by essays and photo series on contemporary artists and Deutsche Bank’s art activities. "Visuell Blind Date" can be obtained in the exhibition or can be purchased through the db art shop.

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