Portrait Cornelia Parker

Her photo-series "Avoided Object" depicts peacefully drifting clouds. In reality, however, Cornelia Parker took these pictures with the camera of a Nazi mass murderer. Whether Parker flattens the family silver or explodes churches, most of her works frequently address cultural and historical violence. Louise Gray talked with the British conceptual artist.

Gerard Byrne: The world is a stage

His landscapes lead us into obscure arcadias, where he searches for the possible site of Beckett's "Waiting for Godot." In his work, Gerard Byrne investigates how photography, mass media, and film have influenced the visual culture of the 20th century. Ossian Ward on the photo and video artist who will be representing Ireland at the 2007 Biennale.

Annelies Strba: Idyllic Worlds

In the shadow of blossoming young girls: in her photographic series, Annelies Strba portrays a thoroughly feminine world. These apparent idylls are also, however, sensitive long-time studies of her family life: for over two decades, daughters and grandchildren have been serving as models for the Swiss artist's work. Harald Fricke spoke with the photographer.

Interview: Yehudit Sasportas

One of her main themes is a German myth - Yehudit Sasportas portrays the forest as a kind of stage set of longing in which the viewer can move along different paths ranging from metaphysical reflection to postcard cliché. Currently she is working on her piece for the Israeli Pavilion at the 2007 Venice Biennale; db artmag met her for an interview in her Berlin studio.

No Place on Earth

The need to retreat into the idyllic world of the family or nature is seldom greater than in the time leading up to Christmas; millions of postcards of snowy winter landscapes and familial bliss are sent in the mail. Yet how does contemporary art approach the motif of the "idyll"? db artmag introduces four artists and critical positions from the Deutsche Bank Collection that address this theme in very different ways. +++ Yehudit Sasportas portrays the forest as a kind of stage set of desire and longing in which the viewer can proceed along any number of mental paths. Sasportas is creating a work for the Israeli Pavilion at the 2007 Venice Biennale +++ At first sight, Gerard Byrne's landscape views seem entirely dedicated to the idea of classical beauty. In reality, however, the artist portrays the area behind Samuel Beckett's house as a stage set for "Waiting for Godot." Byrne is representing Ireland at the Biennale +++ Annelies Strba's psychedelic photographs conjure up the paradise of childhood and mysterious idyllic worlds. The images of the Swiss photographer show a magical, entirely feminine world somewhere between neo-folk and digital Impressionism +++ Cornelia Parker's series "Avoided Object" shows a romantic sky of fluffy clouds. Yet the camera used to take these pictures belonged to the concentration camp commander Rudolf Höss. Many of the works by the British conceptual artist revolve around the themes violence and destruction +++