A Delicious Feeling of Confidence

As the main sponsor of the London Frieze Art Fair, Deutsche Bank is also supporting an artistic project for the first time. With "A Delicious Feeling of Confidence," the Frankfurter Kunstverein brings stand-up comedy to the art fair: four newcomers demonstrate the role that humor plays in current artistic discussions and just how political entertainment can be.

The Laughing Paintbrusch

Art has never been as funny as it is today. At least that's what British art critic and filmmaker Ben Lewis says. In his new essay "The Laughing Paintbrush," Lewis describes the gigglingly hysterical eureka experiences that artworks by Maurizio Cattelan and Jeff Koons have inspired in him, and explains why humor is the new "ism" in contemporary art.

Art Nucleus Villa Romana

Deutsche Bank has been sponsoring the Villa Romana in Florence, founded by Max Klinger, since the nineteen-twenties. Now, the tradition-rich artists' house is entering the future freshly renovated and with a new director, innovative concepts, and international networking. Kito Nedo spoke with director Angelika Stepken about her plans and projects.

The Prize for Young Polish Art

The Prize for Young Polish Art is already being awarded for the third time this year. Called to life in 2003 in a joint effort between Deutsche Bank and the Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw, the prize also provides a forum for the country's highly active scene. This year, nominated artists show just how subversive contemporary Polish art can be.

New Faces

At this year's London Frieze Art Fair, main sponsor Deutsche Bank supports the innovative project "A Delicious Feeling of Confidence" by the Frankfurter Kunstverein: on a stage designed by Slovenian artist Tobias Putrih, four artists have conceived a program for each day of the fair that links film and performance with stand-up comedy. The question as to what political role entertainment plays on the young art scene is linked to the ideas of four promising new talents: Chuz Martinez, the Kunstverein's director, has invited Maria Pask, Claus Richter, Dora Garcia, and the Swedish group Ride1 along with Tobias Putrih - young artists that have already attracted a lot of attention at important exhibitions and are at the threshold of their international breakthrough. In an interview, Chuz Martinez explains her program for the Frieze Art Fair +++ Are artists the better entertainers? Fitting for the London show, British critic and filmmaker Ben Lewis explains why for him contemporary art is so terribly, terribly funny +++ Newcomers are also the subject of our essay about the Prize for Young Polish Art, sponsored by Deutsche Bank. We introduce the nominees and their controversial works +++ From traditional house to modern think tank: it's not romantic atmosphere, but a discursive program that sets the agenda at the Villa Romana. Kito Nedo visited new director Angelika Stepken in Florence.