Portait Collier Schorr

In 1989, on her first trip through Germany, the American artist Collier Schorr wound up in Swabian Gmünd. First she fell in love with a woman there, and later in the whole town. Since then, the New Yorker returns to her "German family" each year. The photographer's works often portray local youths wearing old uniforms. Collier Schorrs' subversive images show a world brimming with role games.

Interview Collier Schorr

High School wresters and teenage boys playing soldiers populate the photographs of Collier Schorr. The New Yorker is one of the most influential artists of her generation; now, she has curated the exhibition "Freeway Balconies" at the Deutsche Guggenheim. In a conversation with Christopher Bedford, she argues for a political approach to art: "People should know what I'm against."

Francesca Woodman

With her disturbing portraits Francesca Woodman questioned in the 1970s both herself and the medium of photography, the relationship between space, body, and camera. Her surreal black-and-white cosmos combines an uncanny aura with conceptual Post-Minimal thought. Today she is regarded as having paved the way for the artists Cindy Sherman, Sarah Lucas, and Nan Goldin.

Interview Matt Saunders

He loves to work with movie icons of European auteur films. Matt Saunders appropriates their images through painting them. In the current exhibition "Freeway Balconies," a video is on view for which Saunders drew the face of cult star Udo Kier 600 times. In an interview, the young American artist speaks of his weakness for Fassbinder films and appropriation out of passion.

Makings of You

Rebel or role model? The modern individual pieces together his identity at the self-service counter of the entertainment industry. Subcultural codes are disseminated at the speed of light over the Internet. The exhibition "Freeway Balconies" at the Deutsche Guggenheim asks what forms of political and artistic resistance are possible in the post-modern age. 20 contemporary artists on the American scene propose answers, while curator Collier Schorr presents the show as a road trip through American counter-culture +++ With her staged photographic works of teenagers in soldiers’ uniforms, Collier Schorr has risen to the level of celebrated star of the U.S. art scene. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf introduces the Brooklyn-based artist +++ "Freeway Balconies" at the Deutsche Guggenheim was curated by Collier Schorr. In an interview with Christopher Bedford, she talks about her interest in youth culture, role games, and high-school wrestlers. +++ With her radical self-inquiries, Francesca Woodman is considered to be a precursor to Nan Goldin and Cindy Sherman. Her photo works can now be seen in "Freeway Balconies" in Berlin. A portrait +++ Film fan: Matt Saunders draws the faces of movie legends. To Achim Drucks the American artist confided the reason for his tender appropriations.