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Apocalypse No! "Feeling the Heat" investigates climate change - and bets on the enlightening effect of well-made art
Annette Kelm's clear, sober photo works provide a new look at baseball caps, musical instruments, and feminine cowboys
Villa Romana fellows 2009 / "Joseph Beuys and His Students" / Collier Schorr at the Villa Romana / Deutsche Bank supports neuroaesthetic research / Ruhrfestspiele: Tatsuo Miyajima's displays
Cruise to Art: Auction on the MS Europa / "The Garden of Forking Paths" at the Kunstraum Deutsche Bank, Salzburg/ Joe Lewis is the new Deutsche Bank NYFA Fellow / Pyramid Award winners 2008
Endless whirl of color: in Boston, "Past, Present, Future" presents Anish Kapoor's hyper-aesthetic world of sculpture / Deutsche Bank Collection: "Drawing a Tension"
Rebel with a cause: in "Freeway Balconies" at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, the New York artist Collier Schorr has curated a show that is as seductive as it is disturbing
"Actually, there's no such thing as abstract art": Anish Kapoor on his sculptures, memory, and "Past, Present, Future", his current show at the ICA in Boston
Curator Liz Christensen talks about her exhibition "Feeling the Heat" / Jürgen Bock on his show "Drawing a Tension" at the Lisbon Gulbenkian Foundation
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