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On the wall instead of on canvas: spray-paint triumphs in the art world - and not only since the graffiti star Banksy first picked up a can
Escapism with Marie Antoinette and Sissi: T.J. Wilcox' collages and films are paying a hyper-aesthetic homage to history's greatest divas
First Choice: Deutsche Bank Collection at the Städel Museum / Art Auction for the Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation /Art Works: New catalogue shows the American section of the Deutsche Bank Collection
BDI awards Deutsche Bank's commitment to education and culture / Bernhard Martin receives the Art Prize of the City of Wolfsburg / Two Kirchner paintings from Deutsche Bank Collection in Davos
The idyll that follows gunfire: Tomoko Yoneda's photographs of former battlefields at the Hara Museum in Tokyo / Art and climate change: "Feeling the Heat" in New York
New art from Russia: the current winners of the Kandinsky Prize in Berlin / "Freeway Balconies": Collier Schorr shows young American art at the Deutsche Guggenheim
"A road trip to American counter-culture" - the press on the exhibition "Freeway Balconies" at the Deutsche Guggenheim
"Creatively exploring the fair" - Kate Cavelle, the Director of Deutsche Bank CSR UK, on the Education Space at the Frieze Art Fair
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