Bodies in Space: Deutsche Bank Supports
Hamburger Kunsthalle Exhibition Project

The American concept artist Allen Ruppersberg entitled one of his drawing series HONEY, I REARRANGED THE COLLECTION. The series ironically comments on efforts to bring order to art, to arrange it. The Hamburger Kunsthalle made such an attempt on the occasion of its reopening, and curator Brigitte Kölle used the title for the new presentation of the museum’s presentation. The exhibition series, supported by Deutsche Bank, sheds light on the contemporary art collection from different perspectives. While the first two parts were about people’s relationships to things and to other people, the third and concluding part revolves around their relationship to space. 

Bouncing in the Corner. Die Vermessung des Raums shows works by around 25 international artists, including Isa Genzken, Mona Hatoum, Rebecca Horn, Manfred Pernice, and Gregor Schneider, all of whom are represented in the Deutsche Bank Collection. In various ways, they show how we perceive spaces, how they characterize our actions, experiences, and ideas and reflect societal power structures. And they also show which memories are inscribed in them. For Réserve: Les Suisses Morts (1990), Christian Boltanski built a narrow aisle out of stacked crates. Glued onto each crate is a black-and-white portrait of an anonymous dead person. The result is an enterable memento mori, an at once touching and oppressive memory space. Nevin Aladag’s video Hochparterre Altona (2010) is about public space. On the basis of interviews with residents, the artist collaged a listening portrait of a street in Hamburg. In his video Wall/Floor Positions (1968), Bruce Nauman runs through various body positions, like a scientific experiment investigating his relationship to space. As a result, the artist’s body becomes a temporary sculpture. The installations, films photographs, and sculptures in the exhibition show how varied our ideas about space are. And they all talk about the spaces in which we live.

Bouncing in the Corner. Die Vermessung des Raums
Until 13/01/2019