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BCA Hall of Fame, A&B Innovation Prize, and red dot award

Deutsche Bank Honored for Its Commitment to Art

The Business Committee for the Arts, Inc. (BCA) has promoted art in America since it was founded by the banker and patron of the arts David Rockefeller in 1967. The non-profit organization supports companies in their efforts to initiate art programs and advance their cultural activities. Since 1992, the organization has rewarded companies' long-term and sustained art commitment by giving them a place in the BCA Hall of Fame. Within the framework of a festive gala at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Deutsche Bank was recently the 22nd company to be accepted into the Hall of Fame.

"Respect for the artist's unique role in society and as a catalyst for change is integral to Deutsche Bank's commitment to help create better communities," said the BCA. In the U.S., the bank not only supports exhibitions such as the California Biennial. At its 60 Wall Street Gallery in New York, it also presents contemporary art itself - for example, in this year's show Feeling the Heat dealing with global climate change. In addition, Deutsche Bank supports organizations like the New York Foundation for the Arts or the Bronx Council on the Arts.

Deutsche Bank also received a prestigious award in Great Britain. The British organization Arts and Business recently presented the bank with Lloyd's A&B Innovation prize honoring the most groundbreaking partnership between a cultural and economic institution in the last 30 years. Apart from the bank's support of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Royal Academy, and the Royal College of Art, its sponsoring of the Frieze Art Fair in London was given special emphasis. "Frieze Art Fair was pretty humble when it started out, and it was a bold but shrewd decision by Deutsche Bank to sponsor it. Now, it has become very much part of the international art calendar," explained Lloyd's CEO and jury member Richard Ward.

The exhibition design of Freisteller - Villa Romana Preisträger 2008 mounted at the Deutsche Guggenheim was given one of the renowned red dot awards. According to the jury, the communication design of the show "makes use of the theme of 'Freistellen,' which means, among other things, stressing something by omitting something and thus focusing on the essential." Due to its consistent implementation of this motif, the Karlsruhe design office Atelier September received an award in the category "Information Design / Public Space." All of the award-winning works are being presented in an exhibition at the red dot Design Museum in Essen being held from December 4, 2008, to January 11, 2009.

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