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The Villa Romana Fellows of 2011 in Florence
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Fellowship Exhibition
The Villa Romana Prizewinners of 2011 presented in Florence

At the beginning of February, the first four of this year’s Villa Romana fellows—Thomas Kilpper, Nora Schultz, Rebecca Ann Tess, and Vincent Vulsma—arrived in Florence. The prizewinners were selected by Kathrin Rhomberg, curator of the 6th Berlin Biennial, and the Berlin-based artist and Städelschule professor Willem de Rooij. And they have their first project at the artists’ house the very same month: from February 17 through March 25, 2011, the four artists present new works in a group exhibition. Henrik Olesen, the fifth of this year’s fellows, will work at the villa from July through November and exhibit at the Open Studios on September 10. The Villa Romana Fellowship is not the oldest German art award, but it is Deutsche Bank’s longest existing tradition of cultural commitment: the bank has been supporting this renowned prize for contemporary art in Germany since 1926—an impressive testimony to the bank’s commitment to nurturing young talent.

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