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Color Fields at the Deutsche Guggenheim


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"A stroke of luck for Berlin"
Color Fields at the Deutsche Guggenheim

Color Field painting counters the gestures of Abstract Expressionism with the emotional potential of color. With "Color Fields," the Deutsche Guggenheim now shows select paintings by key figures of this movement. The press reacted enthusiastically to the exhibition, which features stars such as Frank Stella and Helen Frankenthaler in addition to exciting new discoveries.

"Paint is poured over canvases, sprayed, smeared with the hand, or forced into strict grids." This is how Christiane Meixner of the Tagesspiegel describes the working process of the color field painters. To her mind, Color Fields is a "dense, closed presentation" of "magnificent paintings" whose effect is still "overwhelming." The paintings "seem as fresh as on the first day." Mark-Christian von Busse of the Hessische Allgemeine takes a similar view. The Deutsche Guggenheim shows "paintings that express youthful energy and the optimism of progress. Their intensity comes across even today." The show counts among the "exceptional exhibitions" that one shouldn't miss, not only for the Deutsche Ärzteblatt-Stern and Monopol also recommend a visit to Color Fields. So does the BZ. The paper writes of an "orgy of color. Just the right thing to bring some joy to a grey October afternoon." Carsten Probst of Deutschlandradio Kultur is impressed by the show, but he would like to see a few more important artists who are missing: "If one were to add other great artists such as Ad Reinhardt or Ed Ruscha, this exhibition would be a handsome panorama of an unjustly forgotten episode in recent art history."

Wolf Grombacher of the Märkische Allgemeine is above all excited by the color effects: "One has to have experienced the optical effects of these works to take part in this discussion." For Albert Jaritz (Märkische Oderzeitung), the "huge canvases make emotional states materialize as color." "They have never before been publicly seen in such number, with such power, and in so many facets. >From the moment he or she enters the gallery, the viewer is fascinated by the brilliance and sensibility of the large formats." Gabriela Walde, art critic at the Berliner Morgenpost, sees Color Fields as a "true tsunami of color. The monumental tableaus (…) seem to explode on the white walls. (…) A stroke of luck for Berlin to see this stylistic movement in such number and in so many of its facets."

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