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Deutsche Bank Collection goes App

How does the global art scene present itself in the Deutsche Bank Towers? What is the philosophy behind the Deutsche Bank Collection? What are the themes occupying the artists shown in London and Hong Kong? Four free apps now provide fascinating insight into the world of corporate collecting.

“Urban Utopia” is the leitmotif of the panorama of young contemporary Asian art on view in Deutsche Bank’s new Hong Kong Head Office, located in the ICC Tower. Asia’s largest cities and the urban life there are changing faster than anywhere else in the world. This can also be seen in the works of many of the forty young artists from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong on view. Ranging from computer animation to calligraphic drawing, the mixture of contemporary and traditional media reflects these artists’ views on a variety of living environments at the beginning of the new millennium. This can now be seen with the new “Art works” Hong Kong app, which offers thematic introductions to the work, artists’ statements and biographies, and hundreds of works on view in the ICC Tower.

The app for the Deutsche Bank Collection in Hong Kong is part of a steadily growing service introducing the collection’s global locations Frankfurt, London, and Hong Kong as well as masterpieces from the corporate collection in Frankfurt’s Städel Museum. Each app functions as a digital guide, service point, and reference work in one. Users can navigate on their own through the various different presentations, playfully browse the collections, or search specific artists, works, and themes.

The app tour through the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt begins with a color-coded diagram of the building that provides a quick overview. The art presentation is organized according to regions: Tower A concentrates on the young avant-garde from Germany and Europe, while Tower B features artists from Africa and Asia. The user moves virtually from floor to floor and becomes acquainted with sixty international artists and hundreds of works spread out over sixty floors. At the same time, staff and visitors in the Towers can learn more about the art in the bank on their smartphones. Located in the entrance area on each floor is a portrait of the respective artist and a QR code that directs the user to the artist’s pages in the app. In addition, it provides extensive insight into the various regions as well as information on Deutsche Bank’s global collection.

 Following the successful start of the app on the Towers is the app on the highlights from the Deutsche Bank Collection in the Städel. High-caliber works from the bank’s collection can be seen in the new Garden Halls of the Frankfurt museum. Ranging from Sigmar Polke’s painting Drehung (1979), an ironic play on the German “Economic Miracle” aesthetic of the 1950s, to Neo Rauch’s surreal puzzle painting Stern (2001)—the app introduces sixty of the most important permanent loans to the Städel.  

The latest app is dedicated to the art presentation in Winchester House, Deutsche Bank’s London Head Office. On view alongside numerous works by international artists are the most influential figures on the British scene. In the entrance hall are works by Keith Tyson, Damien Hirst, Tony Cragg, and Anish Kapoor. Also installed here is the ArtStation, which can be used to discover the art shown in Winchester House in an innovative way, just as with the London app. Visitors interested in finding out more about the works in the foyer can use one of the iPads at the ArtStation and look under the heading “The Art in Reception.” ArtStation and app also provide access to the works through illuminating essays: organized according to themes such as “Stuctures and Systems,” “Mapping,” and “Feminism,” they elucidate associative and art historical connections between artists and works.  

All four apps include a share function for social networks to share the artworks with friends. It makes perfect sense that with the apps, the Deutsche Bank Collection is now even more accessible than before; since it was founded, one of the collection’s most important goals has been to not only win over staff and visitors to contemporary art, but the general public as well. For more than thirty years, countless guided tours, loans, exhibitions, artists’ talks, and publications have been contributing to this aim under the motto “Art works.”

"Art works" apps: free download here

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