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Surreal Product Landscapes - Jeff Koons in Frankfurt
A great performance: Artists from the Deutsche Bank Collection at documenta 13
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A great performance
Artists from the Deutsche Bank Collection at
documenta 13

It’s probably the most complex documenta of all times, with all manner of things being thought, shown, and acted out in every conceivable location. “documenta 13 is powered by a vision of entirety as opposed to a logocentric notion,” announced the director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, “a manifest simultaneity of places and times.” It’s already clear that her exhibition concept is turning out to be a success. While the press was disoriented by Christov-Bakargiev’s statements on voting rights for dogs or the culture of tomatoes, a veritable labyrinth of ideas now presents itself—an imaginary garden that is both sensuous and an intellectual challenge. Anyone planning to explore the whole of the documenta should bring sturdy shoes and three days’ time to tackle the show, which is huge and spread out over a wide area. On the excursions, visitors also have the opportunity to discover new works by artists that are part of the Deutsche Bank Collection or otherwise linked to the bank’s art program. We congratulate these artists on their exceptional contributions!

One of the highlights—and one of the most striking works on show—is Thomas Bayrle’s Airplane in the documenta hall: a huge wall piece comprised of thousands of airplanes, a steel relief, a humming propeller, and machine sculptures. The power with which the 70-year-old artist occupies the space is amazing. Also in the documenta hall: the delicate, precise architectural drawings of Julie Mehretu, who created a commissioned work for the Deutsche Guggenheim in 2009. In the basement of the Neue Galerie is the work of the “Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year” 2012: Roman Ondák suspends hundreds of captioned photographs over grey walls in ever-changing constellations, creating a subtle grammar of relationships and perceptions. Right next door in the Rotunda of the Fridericianum, old master Lawrence Weiner tattooed his text work in the “Brain,” the fantastic collection of artworks and artifacts that documenta director Christov-Bakargiev set up as an associative room.

In 2006, with Black Box/Chambre Noir, William Kentridge created a seminal commissioned work for the Deutsche Guggenheim. Installed in Kassel’s main train station, his video installation Refusal of Time has been celebrated by many critics as one of the most powerful works of the exhibition: five projection screens with animated films, a breathing machine, a fantastic sound collage: Kentridge creates magnificent opera. Right around the corner, the three-act film drama Muster/Rushes by Clemens von Wedemeier, who showed at the Deutsche Guggenheim as a Villa Romana fellow. His film about the Breitenau Cloister near Kassel, the prison, concentration and work camp, and finally home for delinquent girls is chilling. Also in the main station: the works of Rabih Mroué and Otolith Group, both of whom were shown in 2011 in Globe during the opening of the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt. Mroué’s videos investigate the Syrian revolution, and the material he presents is shocking. With their cell phones, victims filmed the very shots that killed them. Directly behind the station is the work of Lara Favaretto, who made a large-scale photographic work in 2007 for the Deutsche Bank Head Office in Milan. For documenta, she built a mammoth apocalyptic scene using 40 tons of used metal in a reference to the war damage done to both Kassel and Kabul, where another section of documenta takes place. Here, Francis Alys presents his video REEL-UNREEL, which was produced in Afghanistan.

Situated in the Karlsaue are Anri Sala’s meditation on time, Clocked Perspective and Rosemarie Trockel's Tea Party Pavillon, as well as the “animal stars” of documenta 13: Pierre Huyghe, whose Antarctica project A Journey That Wasn’t was sponsored by Deutsche Bank for the 2006 Whitney Biennial in New York, has an odd couple clowning around in a specially created garden: the slender Spanish greyhound Human and the puppy Seńor. Donna Haraway and Tue Greenfort, who designed a special edition for the Deutsche Bank Collection, created The Wordly House, a project about people and animals living together. With so much utopia and dystopia on display, there is also, last but not least, something to laugh about: the Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov, who has a commissioned work in the Frankfurt Towers, traces the paths of the crusaders in his installation “Knights (and other dreams)”—and in all kind of variations: he films live play actors in costume, members of the Order of the Maltese Cross, Teutonic neonazis, and finally himself in action, playing in a hard rock band wearing a clattering suit of armor—a magical pleasure at the Grimm Museum.

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