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In the Urban Jungle - Hou Hanru Curates the 5th Auckland Triennial
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In the Urban Jungle
Hou Hanru Curates the 5th Auckland Triennial

The distinguished curator Hou Hanru is involved in matters pertaining to contemporary art worldwide. He has organized biennials, triennials, and exhibitions in Lyon, Istanbul, San Francisco, Tirana, Venice, and Guangzhou. Now Hou, a member of Deutsche Bank’s Global Art Advisory Council, is active in New Zealand, where he is curating the 5th Auckland Triennial, considered by many to be the country’s most important art event.

Under the motto “If you were to live here…” Hou is showing more than 35 international artists and architects who engage with urban spaces and living conditions. The works are on exhibit in the Auckland Art Gallery as well as eight other venues in the city center. “Overcoming oppression is our path to unity” is written on the wall painting affixed to the façade of the Fresh Gallery Otara. The colorful agitprop work was executed by Emory Douglas, the Minister of Culture of the American Black Panther Party in the 1970s, together with Rigo 23 of Portugal and the New Zealander Wayne Youle. Other works convey their messages more subtly. For example, Luke Willis Thompson’s installation consisting of three garage doors and safety lamps reflects suburbanites’ anxieties.

The Atelier Bow-Wow architectural studio in Japan designs miniature buildings in response to the cramped living conditions typical of Tokyo. For the triennial, the architects and artist Michael Lin designed a small Model Home which fits in the exhibition hall of the Auckland Art Gallery. Lin is represented in the Deutsche Bank Collection. In the bank rooms in the ICC Tower in Hong Kong he covered a wall with floral patterns. Other artists from the collection are also on view at the triennial. Yto Barrada is showing nine photographic works dealing with social changes in her home city Tangier, Shahzia Sikander is presenting her most recent animated video Parallax, and Anri Sala is screening the film Long Sorrow, a work she created in 2005 in the Märkische Viertel on the periphery of Berlin. The music of a saxophone player and pictures of typical 1970s high-rise architecture blend into a swan song of long-passé ideas about human life and living conditions.

5th Auckland Triennial
5/10 – 8/112013

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