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MAKE ART: The winners have been selected
Second show announced due to overwhelming response

After precisely 24 hours, one of the most unusual exhibition projects in Berlin has ended: more than 6,000 visitors in a single day flocked to the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle to have a look at the action MACHT KUNST (Make Art). The Berliner Morgenpost wrote that Beuys and Warhol would have probably become friends here in the exhibition hall. Surely, the theory that everyone is an artist and the idea of the celebrated “15 Minutes of fame” have seldom experienced such incredible feedback. Hundreds responded to the call to bring their works to MACHT KUNST. Altogether, 2,135 works were submitted. Of these, the first 345 were on view on April 8–9 in the KunstHalle. The number of visitors was so high that people were waiting in line well beyond midnight.

During the exhibition, viewers were invited to evaluate the installed works. The work of Lovro Artukovic received a majority of the public’s votes, and as an award, the painter received a one-year studio grant of 500 Euros per month. A professional jury consisting of Friedhelm Hütte, director of the art department at Deutsche Bank, and the curators Sophie von Olfers and René Block selected three additional artists. The Jury Prize was awarded to Nicolas Balcazar, Rebecca Michaelis, and Sonja Rentsch, who are invited to present their works in two-week solo shows in the KunstHalle Studio.

The other 1,790 works that failed to find room in the Kunsthalle will be shown in a second exhibition from April 28, 2013 at 12 noon to April 29, 12 noon, in the Alte Münze Berlin. Friedhelm Hütte, director of the art department at Deutsche Bank, said in conclusion: “We are absolutely excited about the way the action MACHT KUNST has turned out. What a great start for our KunstHalle! My heartfelt thanks go to everyone that’s made this event possible. We’d especially like to thank all the artists and visitors to the show. Now, we look forward to the second exhibition of MACHT KUNST on April 28, 2013 in the Alte Münze.”

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