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On the Trail of Cinema and the Avant-Garde
The 2013 Views Prize for Young Polish Art

The last winner, Konrad Smoleński, showed in the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year. The “Views” Prize, initiated in 2003 by the Zachęta Nationalgalerie in Warsaw in cooperation with Deutsche Bank Polska and the Deutsche Bank Foundation, has grown to become the most important award for contemporary Polish art today. Every two years, the nominated artists show just how exciting the young Polish scene truly is. Beginning September 13, the works of this year’s shortlisted artists can be seen at the Zachęta; on October 24, the winner will be announced at a festive gala, while another artist will win a three-month residency at the artists’ house Villa Romana in Florence.

This year’s nominees once again work in an interdisciplinary manner using various different media. Agnieszka Polska is one of Poland’s young artists at the cusp of an international breakthrough. Her installations, photo works, and animated videos investigate the mechanisms of collective memory and archiving. In the process, she often explores art movements from the past, from the Russian and Polish avant-garde to Land and Minimal Art. On the other hand, Łukasz Jastrubczak’s work is involved in cinema and avant-garde movements; his films transport cinematic elements using extremely reduced means, for instance when the words “The End” float upwards on helium-filled balloons, or when abstract geometric objects made from cardboard and wire are integrated into the landscape. His work turns the legendary “Paramount Mountain” into a blue triangle.

Piotr Bosacki not only makes videos, but is also an experimental composer. Tymek Borowski has developed a new form of digital image production from painting that works with Internet or computer-generated imagery. Also active in searching out new paths in art communication, he is one of the co-founders of the online platform “Billy Gallery,” which treats the Internet as a serious artistic medium. The film and multimedia artist Karolina Breguła also uses the Internet for her projects, and has founded the Art Translation Agency, an online organization that explains contemporary art to lay persons. In her most recent works, Breguła, who has also organized happenings and actions to protest social intolerance, studies how art is perceived and what role it can play in society.

A jury of experts will select the winners on October 24. The jury includes professionals from the most important Polish museums and art institutions.

VIEWS 2013
Zachęta Nationalgalerie, Warsaw

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