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Britain's Got Talent
Deutsche Bank Award Winners Announced in London

The “Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises” are a real success story. Since 1993, a total of 165 projects developed by young British creative people have received awards. This year’s winners were recently announced. The recipients range from the photographers Clare Bottomley and Nikolas Ventourakis to the experimental acrobatic group Barely Methodical Troupe to Ahoy! Animation, a collective that makes animated films.

The “Deutsche Bank Awards” support artists, designers, performers, and craftspeople after they graduate from college, at the interface between their studies and careers. Although they may have promising ideas, many graduates lack the financial means and business acumen to implement their plans and projects in reality. Therefore, the winners not only receive prize money amounting to GBP 10,000 to launch their project, but also receive business training and are supported for a year by a personal business mentor. They are not the only ones benefitting from the initiative. Some 300 additional students throughout Great Britain receive training to familiarise themselves with entrepreneurial thinking. 

This year’s Deutsche Bank Award in Art went to Clare Bottomley, who studied at the Royal College of Art. The photographer, who in her staged self-portraits deals with themes such as corporeality, self-perception, and religion, is also works as an educator. She is planning an experimental film that she will create together with young people with disabilities. Leaving Utopia, a project by Nikolas Ventourakis, engages with the economic crisis in Greece. The winner of the Deutsche Bank Award in Photography graduated from University of the Arts London. The architecture award was given to RAAD (Radical Architecture, Activist Design). The collective from the Liverpool School of Art and Design promotes the reuse of urban spaces, working closely with the communities within the respective locations. There were a total of 15 winners this year. The awards ceremony will take place on September 4 in the new Dyson Gallery of the London Royal College of Art. The “Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises” are part of the new corporate citizenship programme “Born to Be,” launched this year by Deutsche Bank to strengthen its commitment to youth and young adults in Great Britain, helping them to reach their potential.

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