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Open House: Deutsche Bank Participates in the "Kunst privat!" Initiative for the Tenth Time
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Open House:
Deutsche Bank Participates in the “Kunst privat!” Initiative for the Tenth Time

More than 40,000 visitors have taken part in private art tours offered by Kunst privat! since the initiative was founded in 2005. The idea of opening the doors of corporate art collections in the German state of Hesse for a whole weekend has been continued ever since. Today, 40 companies across Germany take part, showing contemporary art treasures. The spectrum ranges from Classic Modernist works to current international newcomers. Whether it’s photography, painting, drawing, or video art, art enthusiasts can discover diverse artistic gems again on the weekend of May 10 and 11.

Deutsche Bank is one of the companies that has participated from the very beginning. Friedhelm Hütte, who is responsible for Deutsche Bank’s global art program, says: “Deutsche Bank has provided access to contemporary art for more than 30 years. And the bank is taking part in the Kunst privat! initiative for the tenth time in order to give anyone who is interested in art the opportunity to view its collection in the Frankfurt Towers. In the company’s Head Office, around 1,500 works on paper and photographs of a young generation of international artists give unique insight into the world of current art.”

Aside from large companies the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transport and Regional Development has selected a number of small but exquisite art collections. So it is well worth making a detour from the art center Frankfurt. By viewing different collections, you can see how different the histories and orientations of the different collections are. If you plan to head out on an art tour this May, you should definitely visit the homepage of Kunst privat! beforehand to get an overview of the offers and to register. Some of the tours are already booked up due to the strong demand.

Kunst privat!
May 10/11, 2014

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