Victor Man – Zephir
The “Artist of the Year” 2014 at the Zachęta in Warsaw

Victor Man is considered to be a major innovator in painting. His works address existential themes and resemble dark landscapes of the soul. As “Artist of the Year” 2014, the 1974-born Rumanian transformed the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle into a secular space in which his works were installed like so many precious relics. Following his premiere in Berlin, Victor Man’s first major institutional solo show now makes a guest appearance at the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw. The museum is a long-time partner of Deutsche Bank; in 2003, they together initiated the “Views” prize for young Polish art.
Zephir, the title of the show, sweeps the viewer into its painterly universe, where enigmatic metamorphoses unfurl. Animate and inanimate, human and animal, male and female are in constant interchange here. Again and again in Victor Man’s oeuvre, autobiographical elements enter into a dialogue with art history—from references to Renaissance masters like Botticelli and Mantegna to “modern clasics” such as de Chirico and particularly Balthus. His paintings skillfully resist a quick reception; they are dark, for the most part small-scale, and almost intimate. One has to draw near to them and look very closely to fully comprehend them. Yet Victor Man’s paintings, ever timeless and visionary, always retain their secret.

Following its run at the Zachęta, Victor Man. Zephir will be on view at the Haus der Kunst in Munich from October 24, 2014 through January 11, 2015.
Victor Man. Zephir
7/8 – 8/31/2014
Zachęta, Warsaw