MACHT KUNST! city video future
The Three Winners Have Been Announced

When the machines take power, things will look bleak for humanity—at least if we are to believe Hollywood blockbusters like the Terminator films. Danielle Küchler Flores counters such apocalyptic visions of the future in her short film “The Individual Revolution.” In just three minutes she conjures up the image of a utopian city in which people manage to live together in harmony thanks to advances in technology, machines, and robots. Her optimistic contribution containing psychedelic pictures accentuated by electronic sounds convinced the jury of MACHT KUNST city video future to award her first prize. Danielle Küchler Flores, who is studying in a Master of Fine Arts program at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, will receive 7,000 euros in conjunction with a one-year mentorship from UFA, which staged the competition along with Deutsche Bank.

The second- and third-place films in the competition, endowed with 5,000 and 3,000 euros, respectively, investigate dystopian future visions in very different ways. In Scaling Quelccaya, the Chicago-based video filmmaker Meredith Leich shows her home city sinking in snow as a result of climate change. Her film mixes documentary footage with animated passages in a reduced black and white aesthetic. In Sara Tirelli’s Cassandra, the mythological seer moves through a rundown Venice. Tirelli, who has realized various music videos and advertising films, as well as free, experimental works, shot her poetic film with a 16-mm camera.

“city video future” is the title of the third installment of the MACHT KUNST! competition, initiated by Deutsche Bank in 2013. The occasion for this year’s cooperation with UFA was the 100th anniversary of Germany’s most important film production company. The partners can look back on a long history together. In 1925, Deutsche Bank helped finance Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Taking this science-fiction classic as a point of departure, city video future sought artistic short films devoted to the theme of “My city in 100 years.”

>From many national and international contributions a shortlist was selected by a prominent jury that included Josephine Ackerman, Deputy Global Head of Art, Culture & Sports at Deutsche Bank; Wolf Bauer, Co-CEO of UFA; filmmaker Maike Mia Höhne; “Artist of the Year” 2016, Basim Magdy; and the actress Franziska Weisz. The three winners were honored on Saturday, August 19, 2017, during an awards ceremony in the atrium of Deutsche Bank Berlin.

The winner of the audience prize, a digital camera, has yet to be decided. Until August 27, everyone can vote for his or her favorite video online at The audience favorite will be announced a day later on the website. In addition, the top twenty videos will on view until the beginning of October at Deutsche Bank’s Quartier Zukunft in Berlin-Mitte, Friedrichstraße 181.