Surreal Pasta
Jakub Julian Ziółkowski Serves Nasellini

Legend has it that it happened in Bologna. Venus was a guest at an inn there. Through a keyhole the cook spied the navel of the goddess of love. And her beauty inspired him to create the first tortellini. The Nasellini owes its origins to a less erotic body part. Its cone form is motivated by the shape of the nasal cavity. Jakub Julian Ziółkowski created the new type of pasta while on a scholarship in Sardinia. And the Polish artist, to whom an entire floor of the Deutsche Bank Towers is devoted, promptly developed an advertising campaign for his fictitious pasta. The resulting paintings, sculptures, and film clips are the center of his exhibition project for MAN Museum in Nuoro, the most important address for contemporary art in Sardinia. The museum housed in a historic palazzo opened in 1999. It not only shows Polish artists such Maria Lai, who is currently represented at the documenta 14. Exhibitions of international artists such as Thomas Hirschhorn and Ed Templeton are also on view.

In a gallery room of MAN, Ziółkowski stacked the boxes for his Nasellini the way Andy Warhol once stacked his Brillo boxes. Placed between them is a monitor with video clips in which lay actors extol the virtues of the new pasta. Expressive paintings hanging close together on the walls are provided with absurd slogans: “I Phone 9? Art? God? Money? No! You need Nasellini!” As in all his works, the painter relies on surreal humor and cheerfully combined figuration, abstraction, and ornamentation. His color pallet ranges from sallow tones recalling the era of “real existing socialism” to the bright colors of chewing gum and plastic toys. Ziółkowski’s motifs lead a strange life of their own: bodies lose their form, fuse together, or turn inside out. In Germany, too, you can currently take a trip through Ziółkowski’s bizarre universe. The Neues Museum in Nuremberg is showing paintings and drawings by the artist from a private collection.

Jakub Julian Ziółkowski – Nasellini
MAN Museum, Nuoro, Sardina
Until 10/1/2017  

Jakub Julian Ziółkowski. Das Leben selbst
Werke aus der Sammlung Martin
(Life Itself. Works form the Martin Collection)
Until 9/24/17
Neues Museum, Nuremberg